More improvements to the MTurk Worker experience


Following up on Worker website filters

正如我们在last week's blog post,本周,我们更改了mturk工作人员的默认过滤器,只显示支付0.01美元或更多的点击量。

This means that tasks without payment — most commonly tutorials or tasks that a Requester routes to their own in-house team for testing purposes instead of the broader community of MTurk Workers — will not be shown by default.We made this change to directly address feedback from manbetx官网地址customers.

Should you prefer to see all HITs without any filtering,you can simply change your settings by clicking"“过滤器”在“的右上角HITs | All HITs"页。Here you can specify the minimum reward amount you wish to filter by,或进入“0“to show all HITs,including those without payment.Here is a screenshot of this functionality:


MTurk Workers asked us to make more information about the task and Requester visible while previewing or working on HITs.Workers always had access to this information by clicking"点击细节,”but many wanted immediate,at-a-glance visibility into the most important details.

本周,we launched an improvement to display the HIT Title,Requester Name命中计数奖励金额,剩下的时间就在点击工作区上方。Now Workers can access these important details without having to click to access a pop-up dialog box.

This change helps Worker manbetx官网地址customers quickly and easily find out what HIT they are working on,who they are working for,可能还有多少点击率。A screenshot of what this looks like can be seen below:

当然,MTurk Workers can continue to click the"点击细节link at any time when working on a HIT to discover out even more information about the HIT,including the description and the date in which the HIT will expire.

Keep the feedback coming!!

We love hearing from the community of MTurk Workers,and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas to improve the MTurk Worker site with us.很容易取得联系。Simply click the"反馈”link at the bottom of every page on the MTurk Worker site.看起来是这样的:

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